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The Improv Place is a digital hub for professional (& professional-aspiring) improvisers from all over the world.

We're a new social network, digital teaching platform and community support resource all rolled into one.

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Everywhere we travel we see people stepping up and making improv better - innovating, experimenting, professionalising.

We need a place where we can all talk together about what's possible. An open digital space, home to a truly diverse range of voices and points of view.

We want to build that community.

A community of practice dedicated to raising each other up.

To making shows that astonish.
To teaching classes that clearly share the joy and craft of improv.
To championing inclusivity and diversity to a point where everyone feels happy and empowered to call our community a home.

That's what we want The Improv Place to be.

Is it like Facebook?

Yes and no.

In some ways The Improv Place is a lot like Facebook.

You can write posts, ask questions, directly message other members and share links.

But there are significant differences too:

No advertising. Ever.We won't monitor your activityWe won't sell your data to other companies.We have a code of conduct that ensures that conversations are respectful and productive.Your personal feed is just that. Yours. No mysterious algorithms. Just tell us what you want to see.
Plus we have a integrated teaching platform.

Code of Conduct

The Improv Place is a digital community.

We want to keep that community open so that our members feel safe expressing themselves without unintentionally hurting each other.

By signing up to The Improv Place you agree to conduct yourself to the letter and to the spirit of the following statements.

We've made them simple and short so we're not wasting your time.

Please read them.

One. No one's identity* is ever to be treated as a punchline or as something that is up for debate.
Two. Every member of our community is equal and worthy of respect. Respect their boundaries. Respect their opinions.
Three. We encourage challenge and debate but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about arguing with someone. The right way involves keeping an open mind, using appropriate language and above all actually listening to the other person's point of view. The wrong way is being intractable, intentionally insulting, close minded and unnecessarily provocative. If you don't know the difference please contact us on conduct@theimprov.place
Four. Assume best intentions at all times.
Five. There isn't "one improv to rule them all". All schools of thought and methodologies are equally valid. Our favourite improv is absolutely subjective and not objective reality.

*this includes, but is not limited to race; gender; gender expression; sexuality; religion; socio-economic background; age and disability.

If you have an questions or clarifications please contact us at conduct@theimprov.place

Our courses

Two headshots: Monica wearing a yellow bow in her hair and awesome bird earrings, Stephen bearded and wearing a black t-shirt.

We offer a wide range of classes on The Improv Place.

Courses will always be natively online and a mixture of lecture-style content, discussion groups and personal working supported by downloadable resources.

We're not looking to replicate an IRL classroom experience - every aspect of every course is designed for online from the ground up.

Firstly, we are thrilled to bring Stephen Davidson and Monica Gaga in to teach their 8-week Inclusion in Improv class.
Tuesday 3rd November 2020 12-2pm BST for eight weeks.
Take a look and book here. If you're already a member - as with all of these - you can find it under Classes.

Secondly, if you're a true improv nerd (like we are) and you'd like to know a little more about the background of our art form, you can join David Escobedo and Jane Morris to learn your Improv History.
Thursday 12th November 2020 7-9pm BST.
Book here for a class and discounted membership bundle.

Thirdly, our next Masterclass in Teaching Improv is now on sale. Katy Schutte and Chris Mead (us, hello) have taught three of these courses in the last four months to over 100 aspiring and practicing improv teachers and we've had amazing feedback.
Tuesday 12th January 2-4pm BST for six weeks.
Book here for this class, plus a discounted annual membership to The Improv Place.

6-Pack, led by passion Taught by SIX different instructors, one each week, we've found some of the most exciting, vibrant improv teachers from around the world and asked them to teach a class on the thing they personally love most about improv. New dates and instructors to be announced.

Email us hello@theimprov.place for more details.

If you're already a member of the community you can secure your place on these courses on The Improv Place platform itself.

If you are yet to join, why not take advantage of our membership + course bundle and receive a substantial discount?

We also offer a range of 50% and 100% scholarship options.

Diversity & inclusion

The Improv Place welcomes humans from every race, gender, gender expression, sexuality, age of life, socio-economic background, type of neurodiversity and level of physical and mental health.

We want as many people as possible to join and enrich our community.

If you have barriers to entry, we want to remove them.

That's what this form is for.

Please be reassured, we won't ask you to explain why you're asking for our help. We won't get you to write an essay or prove that you need whatever you're asking for.

We trust you. We trust you'd only ask if it was important.

You can use this form to:

take advantage of our inclusion scholarshipask us for additional resources to allow you to attend our classes (handouts in different fonts or on different coloured backgrounds, additional services or plug-ins that will serve your class experience better)ask for individual help with any element of our community or social media platform (we're happy to walk you through the new technology or explain anything that doesn't make sense personally)literally anything else that we haven't foreseen or thought about yet
We look forward to hearing from you.

Inclusion scholarship

The Improv Place's inclusion scholarship can be accessed by any improviser anywhere in the world. It is made possible by generous donations from other improvisers and teams. Its intention is to remove economic barriers to taking our courses and benefiting from our community.

You can apply for the scholarship via one simple form with only three fields: Name, email and help needed.

The options available are as follows:

50% discount on our community membership (normally $125 for 12 months)50% discount on our community membership + course bundle (normally $300) which allows you to choose enrolment in any of our current coursesA full scholarship (100%) discount on our community membership + enrolment on any one of our current courses
Please indicate on the form for which option you are applying.

You will not be required to let us know why you need to access this resource. You won't have to tell us your life story. Please only share as much information as you are comfortable sharing.

If you have any questions or concerns before applying, please contact us on inclusion@theimprov.place.

If you don't need a scholarship yourself but want to help us reach more improvisers, you can also donate to the scholarship fund here.


Contact form

Click here for additional information about our Inclusion scholarship.

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We aim to get back to you within 48 hours with an answer.

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